Our philosophy

Dear users,

This site was developed with special care in order to offer you an easy and secure access to a package of services that does not exist in the present internet environment.

The rationale of this site is that each user (individual or professional) can both place and search for ads related to:

• real estate
• housing share (flatmates),
• professional share of working space and
• trading point for services / items

The most important fact is that both the posting and the searching for ads is done in a way that your ads are visible not only in a national level but also internationally so that residents from different countries can access them.

The uniqueness of this site is that it provides the placing and searching for those ads that answer the critical questions of our lives associated with the existing economical crisis and the need to return to the ideals that consist of a community.

Therefore, we have incorporated into our services both the property share for housing (flatmates) and the professional share, with the view to meeting the general trend towards the common sharing and reduction in costs of everyday life.


Based on the same rationale, we also give the opportunity of both posting and searching for ads where our users can lend, sell and even barter their items or/and services.


The differentiation of this website stems also from the fact that there is not any kind of (obvious or hidden) intermediate commission-charge for the placed ads since the communication with the ad owners takes place instantly and directly without the intervention of our website.

We would like to ask you to explore the great variety of the offered services and send us not only your comments but also your suggestions so that we make this site even better.




The team of You-AD.com



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