General Statement

This Website (or alternatively site) was developed with the view to providing the most possibly secure and high quality services to all of its Users. In addition, the Website was designed with the view to gaining Users’ trust and preference.

In order to achieve these high priority objectives, SOKKOSNET SPRL (hereinafter the “Company” does everything to respect and protect Users’ both private and personal data collected on this Website.

The sections below attempt to demonstrate with an explicit and transparent way all the conditions and measures taken by the Company concerning the data management related to its Users. The present privacy policy is valid only for the Website and not for any third parties links that might be found in this Website.

The Company retains the right to modify the present privacy policy at any time. These modifications, additions, deletions, changes may take place without any notice and they will be in force immediately. Therefore, it is strictly recommended to every User to carefully read this privacy policy every time they visit this site, as by using this Website it is automatically considered that the User has fully and unconditionally agreed with all statements, mentioned in the following sections. This also means that, there should not be any use of this Website by anyone who has any kind of disagreement(s) on the principles and rules of this Website.

Privacy law compliance

The Company applies both the Belgian and the European law regarding the protection of personal data. More precisely, the applicable laws are the Belgian Law of 08 December 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the processing of personal data modified on the 11th of December 1998 together with the European directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995.

In addition, the Users should be aware that the privacy policy of the Website is not relevant under no circumstance to whatever private policy of any site that is hyperlinked in the content of the Website. Therefore, the Company brings no responsibility concerning the privacy policies of the hyperlinked sites.

Users’ data collections

Data submitted by the Users to the Website

The Website has been designed in a way that the Users can keep their identity non-disclosed because not only they are not required to submit any personal information for making any search for the different sections of the Website but also when they place their ads they can hide their identity or any other private information.

Regarding the complete use of the whole spectrum of the provided services (including the ads posting), the Users are prompted to register to the Website by submitting information about some elements of their identity and contact details. This information may be visible not only by the Website’s administration team but also by the other Users of this Website. Such practice is obligatory in order to enjoy different types of services like placing ads or making payments of the non-compulsory options or manage their profile and other provisions/services. In addition, this information is very important in order to give to all the Users the possibility to contact each other.

However, should a User does not wish to show all or part of his/her personal information such as name, address, phone numbers etc, the Website provides specific click boxes next to the respective information that ask whether they can “show” or “hide” the relevant information. This is implemented because the Website has as main policy the full respect of Users’ privacy.

In addition, an important detail that should be submitted is the location of the entities of the ads (items/service/real estate) that are placed at the Website. This piece of information is prompted in order to inform the interested Users as more precisely as possible for the location since this kind of detail is important for making right judgement especially for real-estate and property share. However, if a User does not wish to show the location of the entity of the ad then he/she can click the box next to it and then the interested Users will be able to see a circle on the map around the submitted address without more specific details about the precise address.

In general, the Users are advised to complete as many fields as possible with the view to making their ads easily searchable and also more attractive to other Users.

Analytically, the Website prompts each User, who wishes to benefit of the Website’s services, to provide the following personal information at the registration form:

1. The private Users are prompted to indicate their first name, last name, location of residence (address, post code, city, and country), password, email address, phone number, mobile phone, date of birth, gender, profession and an answer to the question concerning the subscription to the Website’s newsletters. (Not all of these questions are compulsory to be completed though)

2. The professional Users are prompted to indicate their first name, last name, location (address, post code, city, country, coordinates), password, email address, phone number, mobile phone, date of birth, gender, profession as well as their professional type, company name, VAT number, VAT office, Billing address, URL and an answer to the question concerning the subscription Website’s newsletters. (Not all of these questions are compulsory to be completed though)

Additionally, the Users are prompted to fill in as many details as possible in order to make their ads more attractive to other Users. This means that they can fill in as many as possible fields that refer to property/items/services characteristics or even keywords for trading point or donations. For the section Donations, the Users who want to donate money they may specify the amount they wish to donate.

In addition, the Website gives the opportunity to each User to send his/her feedback to the Website administration team via his/her profile for further consideration.

The Website also prompts the Users to provide some additional information which is not compulsory but is recommended as it can be useful for making the ads better matched by the criteria set by other Users at the respective search platforms. Some of these cases ask the Users to disclose some additional personal information.

More specifically for the section “Property share” and for the case of Flatmates:

• The Users are prompted to give non-compulsory information about whether they have children and/or pets and if applicable how many of them.

• The Users have also the possibility to submit non-compulsory information concerning their sexual orientation.

The Website, because of its respect to the Users’ personal information, prompts the Users to express their desire of showing or hiding this sensitive piece of information anywhere in the Website. By clicking the respective box next to this field, the User can make this information non-public. However, whatever option (show or hide) the Users select, it is taken into account at the search results apart from the case that they have selected “non-disclosed”. At this case these ads come up at the searches only if the interested Users select at the search forms: sexual orientation as “doesn’t matter”.

In general, the Users should fill in true information and also they should inform the Website for any modifications when applicable in order to keep their profile up-to-date.

The Company shall never distribute Users’ personal data to any third parties without the User’s approval. The Company does not intend to violate or distribute or disrespect the identity and data associated with its Users after its submission to the Website. This rule represents one of the core principles of the Company.

Automatic data collection by the Website

Some personal data are transmitted via the Website automatically. This data is collected via cookies or via the Website’s logging processes and it is related to the following groups of data and information:

• Users’ language choices

• Users’ username and passwords

• Users’ several query criteria like location, category type, price, etc

• Users’ last visited page• Users’ TCP/IP address


The Website can use cookies as a way of making the navigation through the site’s web-pages easier and more functional.

Cookies are small computer files (text files) that are sent by the Website’s hosting servers and stored on the hard disk of Users computers. These cookies contain information that can only be read by the Company, and this is happening only when the Users are accessing The Website. The use of cookies takes place in order to make the navigation of the Website easier and quicker for repeated visits. For example, after the first visit the Users are directed to the last visited page and at the language platform that was chosen at the last time.

Nevertheless, the Users have the option to deny the installation of these cookies on their computer or work stations by choosing at the options (configurations) of their web browser not to let cookies be installed on their machines (section Tools/Internet Options/Security in Microsoft Internet Explorer; section Preferences in Netscape; option in Firefox).

Reasons for collection of the Users’ personal data

The Website is collecting the information mentioned above for the following reasons:

1. to allow Users to communicate with each other without the interference of the Website,

2. to email or sms to the User the list of ads that match the Users search criteria or any ads they wish to follow (if Users are subscribed to the Website’s \"email or sms alert\" service),

3. to save time of Users when they wish to place a number of ads and/or are frequently visiting the Website.

4. to optimize the Website marketing campaign

5. to send newsletters or updates about the Website’s services

6. to analyse the traffic of each section in the Website

7. to perform technical maintenance and administration of the Website

8. to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis

The policy of The Company concerning direct marketing and communication to third parties

The Users personal data are fully respected by The Company. The Company classifies User’s personal data as confidential and shall never communicate it to third parties and shall not use it for direct marketing unless the Users have given their agreement for that.

Personal data during payments

The only time that a User has to transmit information relevant to his/her credit/debit card is when there is use of the PayPal services. This is the most known and well-reputed platform for online payments worldwide.

Any transmitted information during payment like passwords, credit card details etc is sent directly to PayPal and therefore the Company neither receives nor stores any information related to payment details and processes.

In summary, every time a PAYPAL payment is taking place, the User is directed to the website of PAYPAL to input his details and finalise the payment process.

Finally, PAYPAL is being used by this Website because it complies with the highest security standards of internet which are based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocols.

Data management

The administration team of the Website is the one responsible for the handling of the Users’ personal data submitted at the Website. Therefore for any questions related to this issue, the Users should contact this team at

By contacting (free of charge) the Website team, the Users may also ask for a copy of the stored personal data or ask for modifications or deletions of their personal data. When this communication takes place then the administration team of the Website shall contact the interested persons in order to confirm their identity before executing any modifications or the deletion of the stored personal information.

Profile management

Every registered User can modify his/her personal data at the respective Profile section. At this section the User is able to modify any piece of information like email address, password, address etc. and also manage his/her ads or anything related to the provided services by the Website.

Rules about minors

Minors (under 18 years of age) are not eligible to use the Website, and they should not submit any kind of information to any of the site’s form.