Terms of use



The www.you-AD.com (hereinafter the “Website” or “site”) has been created with the view to providing high standard services to its Users. It is a very simple and functional Website that combines a pleasant browsing environment with User friendly and secure services focusing on the search of different types of ads, the posting of ads and the placing of commercial advertisements – banners.

All services provided by this Website are subject to the present terms of use.

The present terms of use define and legally regulate the relations between the Users of the Website and the owner of the Website according to the common principles and ethics.

The owner of the Website retains the right to modify the present terms of use at any time. The modifications, additions, deletions, changes may take place without any notice and they will be in force immediately. This means that the Users of the Website should read these terms of use every time they visit it.

Therefore, it is assumed that each User, who accesses and uses the Website, has already read carefully these terms of use and that by using it he/she fully and unconditionally agrees with the terms and conditions which are mentioned in the following sections.

In other words, this means that in case of any kind of disagreement(s) the Users should not use this Website. However, the Users are welcome to inform the administration team of this Website of any remarks that can be taken into consideration. These remarks may lead to corrective actions as long as they are possible and within the limits of good faith.

The Company

The Website is owned and managed by the limited company SOKKOSNET SPRL (hereinafter the “Company”), which is based in Belgium at Rue Archimede 77/35, 1000, Brussels and it is registered in the Brussels registry of commerce with number 828.414.543 and VAT number BE0828414543.

The Company’s main objective is to try its utmost to provide to the Website’s Users high quality, secure and user friendly services. All the services contained and provided at the Website (ads posting, profile management, ads searching etc) are subject to these terms of use unless there is a clear statement of the opposite.

The Users

The Website is public and therefore everyone in the world who has internet access can access it. Thus, every person (individual or professional) who legally accesses the Website is considered as a User of the Website.

A User can just be a visitor of the Website who may check its different web-pages and also it can be a person who searches via the different search forms of the Website.

In addition a User has the possibility of registering his/her personal information at the Website, in order to take full advantage of the whole spectrum of services provided by the site.

Each User who wishes to get registered at the Website should do so by providing true, complete and valid personal information and he/she may update his/her profile at the respective page of the Website by modifying their personal details and assuring that all the submitted information is up-to-date.

The Users are distinguished between two categories; private and professional. The private Users refer to those individuals who post and search for ads not for business purposes but only for their personal or private interest. The professional ones refer to those Users who post and search for ads for the benefit of their business.

By enjoying the services, provided by the Website, the Users fully and without any objections accept that the Company has no responsibility concerning the duration, the deletion, the poor demonstration, and the problematic digital saves of Users’ data as any damage that might have been caused by the use of the Website.


The Users who wish to advertise their business via the Website are classified as Advertisers and this takes place, by renting advertisement space (banners) at the Website. Of course some professional Users can advertise their business via the Website’s partners’ banners.

This business relation is set between the Company and the Advertisers and is formed with special agreements between the two parties.


The Users who wish to register themselves are prompted to choose their password. This password in combination with their registered to this Website email address gives them access to all provided services.

This is necessary for security purposes in order to make sure that only the registered persons can access their personal profile and make full use of all the Website’s provisions like ads placing, ads management, search alerts, counter-offers etc.

The third parties links

There is some possibility that in this Website the Users might find hyperlinks to third parties’ websites and materials. The Company warns its Users that the Company is neither liable for the content of any of these materials or websites nor for their correctness nor relevance nor quality. All these materials or websites are operated and are managed under the exclusive responsibility of their respective owners. In other words, these owners are the only responsible ones and they are liable for complying with laws and regulations applicable to the products and services promoted or presented on their websites.

Under no circumstances, should the Company be considered as the entity that accepts or approves the content, services and the pages with which these websites are linked in any possible way. The Users should not presume that the Company advises or encourages them to visit these third party websites.

Content liability

All the content included in the Website is informational and does not intend to provide advice or suggestions for any actions to its Users. All posted ads cannot be considered as legal or binding offers because the Website cannot guarantee the accuracy, the relevance or completeness of the posted ads.

In other words, the Company takes care only of the public presentation and processing of the content of the posted ads, but it is not liable for the validity, the completeness and the availability of the content of any ads posted on the Website (including texts, characteristics, links, pictures etc). The Users who post ads on the Website are the only responsible persons for them and therefore the Company brings no liability for the content of the posted ads.

Consequently, the Company strictly recommends that the Users should not take any decisions just by simply viewing the content of the ads posted at this Website, and they should make a final judgment about the object of each ad that they are interested in only after the direct contact with the User who posted the ad(s) of interest. Through the direct communication between the interested Users and the Users who post ads there should be verification or update of all posted information in case the content of the posted ads is not up-to-date or it is unclear. Additional clarifications should always be sought if this is necessary for avoidance of any unnecessary misunderstandings.

To this extent the Company has no liability for any contact or /and transactions between the interested Users and the Users who post ads.

All the posted ads on the Website are dealt with care and it is assured that they are presented as they are supposed by the services offered by the Website. However, neither the Company, nor the professionals who are supposed to be using the Website more often and posting more ads than a private person, nor any private User can hold any degree of liability either for any negligence, or for any mistakes that might exist in the content of their ads or in the case that the object of their ads (real estate, property share , items/services available in the trading point and donations) are no longer available even if the ad(s) are displayed in the search results.

In addition, the Website may contain content misspellings, typos or some web-pages may have some technical problems (unexpected ad expiration, deletion, failure at storing ads or any damages caused by the use of the Website). The Company has not responsibility for any provided information at the Website which may be out-of-date or it is incorrect. However, any User who detects content that is not correct is welcome to inform the Company about this case.

Finally, the Company is not liable for any losses (direct or indirect) either tangible or intangible or otherwise due to the accessing the content and /or the downloading of files from the Website.

Regarding the maps that are displayed at the Website, they are based on Google Maps and therefore any problems with the presentation of the location or the quality of images or any other problematic aspect of maps display and function lies on Google. In addition any reproduction or use of the maps should respect not only the terms of use of the Website but also the terms of use of Google Maps.

Nature of submitted ads content

A User accepts not to post any ads or upload or transmit any material (text, photo, pictures, links etc) that contains a racist or xenophobic connotation, or a political opinion or defamatory, or incite discrimination, hate or violence against an individual, community, group or its members based on their color, race,  ancestry, national or ethnic origin. In addition, the User agrees not to post any ads that contain information (text, video, pictures) that has sexual or sensual nature or implications.

In case a User attempts to place an ad whose content has a nature similar to the above descriptions then the administration team shall not approve the post of this ad no matter the User has paid some additional options for this ad, and the User shall be asked to modify the submitted ad in order to become compliant with the terms of use of the Website. The nature of the content of the posted ads is clear responsibility of the User and he/she should be careful for their content before submitting them to the Website. The Users have always the option to read the terms of use (and the privacy policy) before any payment. In general every time they wish, they can access to the respective links at the Website in order to read them carefully.

The Users by submitting any content to the Website agree that The Company has the right to use, translate, exploit or publish part or all of the submitted content at any place in the world.

By posting an ad on the Website, the Users agree to publish information and content (text, photos, images, videos) that respect and not violate any third-party rights.

The Users accept to indemnify the Company, together with its employees, partners, officers and anyone involved in the business development against any claim made by any third-party due to any issues arising from the content of their posted ad(s).

Liability concerning transactions between Users and Advertisers

Every time a User wishes to deal with another User or an Advertiser then this commercial transaction or negotiation between the two parties is subject to a different legal base from the current terms of use edited and posted for the Website.

In addition, the Company does not have any liability regarding the outcome of transactions or negotiations or in general the communication between Users or Users with Advertisers or any Users with third parties that are advertised via The Website directly or indirectly by posted ads or by banners.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Should any dispute result from the use the Website, it will be subject to the Belgian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels court.

These terms of use will never be void or null including the case that above provisions (all or some of them) are null and void or unenforceable. If there is a provision in question, then this provision will not be considered unwritten, and the Users are in agreement that the Company may replace it with another one, which satisfies as much as possible the same option.

Copyrights of Intellectual property

The intellectual property of the Website exclusively belongs to The Company, which include database authors’ rights and copyrights of all the Website content such as texts, logos, images, html code, databases, icons and graphics.

The Company has the right to restrict the use of any data/content of the Website based on the Belgian Law (transposing European Directive No 96/9/EC) and based on this, the Company retains the right to protect its interests.

The Company takes all possible actions so that the content and the information presented in the Website are valid and precise. Nevertheless the Company has not any liability for the reliability, the legality and the completeness of the content.

In addition, all data, layout and in general any structure of the Website is protected by the copyright law. The Company has any right to prohibit the quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of any stored information and data.

The databases of the Website are protected by the Belgian law of 31 August 1998 and European Directive No. 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996, which are protecting the rights of the authors’ of the database. In case of violation of all these rights, this may lead to strict punishments such as high fines and even imprisonment for offence repetition.

The content of the Website is available for any User who wishes to use it and print some of its content for personal or private purposes provided that he/she does not modify the content and maintains the Website’s details concerning authorship and origin. In other words, a User is authorized to reproduce some of the content of the Website only for private use and copy taking into consideration the copyright law. This grant of free access to the content of the Website by the Company to its Users is neither an exclusive nor transferable permission and it can be withdrawn anytime without specifying the reasons for this.

However, The Company prohibits any use of the content of the Website for any kind of public or commercial purposes. In case a person (private or professional) wishes to translate, modify, copy or use any item protected by the Website, he/she must ask the Company’ s written consent.

In case someone creates a hyperlink of the homepage of the Website (such as www.you-ad.com or www.you-ad.be or www.you-ad.gr or www.youad.gr or www.you-ad.ru ) or any other page of the Website, the Company has not any objections to that but it retains its right to express refusal without being obliged to provide any reasons.

Under no circumstances, is the Company liable for any claims /actions from third parties towards any User of the Website in case that the use of any service or in general part of the content or all of it has caused intellectual property issues to these third parties.The User accepts and acknowledges that the Company has exclusive rights over the commercial exploitation of all elements and content of the Website.

Site availability and security

The Website is designed to provide services every day and time to its Users, however, it has the right to interrupt some of its functionalities and/or services and the general access to the Website for technical or any other reasons at any time and day without any notice.Should this event take place, the Company will not be liable neither for these interruptions nor for the consequences to the Users and/ or any third-parties.

The Company takes all necessary measures that the Website is free of any unauthorized bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and any unauthorized access by third parties (hackers).

Due to this unfortunate case, the Company advises its Users to install at their computers or work stations any software such as firewalls, antivirus or anything else with the view to establishing a security net for protecting their computers.

Nevertheless, there is always some chance that these elements might be found. Thus, the Company shall not be liable for any resulting damages and / or losses for the Users.

Site access restriction

The Company reserves all rights to prohibit access to all or part of The Website to anyone (private individual or professional) who would attempt to:

1. violate these Terms of Use

2. use the Website illegally and with bad intentions

3. use the personal data to which he/she has access to the Website with the view to proposing products or services or to sending bulk unsolicited emails (“spams”)  to other Users of this Website for any purpose.

4. violate third-party intellectual property rights

5. place false or illegal ads on this Website

6. try to access the Website repeatedly many times in short period of time with the view to getting important marketing data (bots)

7. harm the reputation of the Website directly or indirectly

8. send any unauthorized material to the Website like virus, spyware, Trojans and anything else that would intend to harm the functionalities of the Website

9. try to post ads that contain sexual or sensual messages, material or general implications.

The Company also reserves all rights to take legal actions against these individuals.

Content that cannot be published

The ad posting is for free for any of our services; however there are some additional but not compulsory options that are subject to payment. The User can post as many ads he/she wishes without changing the old ones (if he/she posted any) taking into consideration their expiration dates.

The Company, reserves the right to deactivate or erase any submitted content of posted ads or banners even before the expiration date. This unfortunate but necessary action may take place in case:

1. the content of an ad refers to an object (property or item) already sold or rented or bartered or donated.

2. the content of an ad (especially its text or photos or videos) is against these terms of use.

3. the uploaded pictures or video are not relevant to the advertised object of an ad

4. an ad contains the address of another website which is considered as competitor

5. an ad is inaccurate and might cause confusion

6. an ad is illegal

7. an ad contains sexual or sensual messages, material or general inappropriate implications

Violation of terms of use

The Users accept completely the undoubted and exclusive right of the Company to interrupt the use and /or access to the Website services and the availability of the content and information of every ad that is considered by the Company that violate these terms of use.


The content mentioned in the previous sections determines the agreement between the Users and the Company.